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Expert in the full Adobe Creative Suite.


As a passionate and innovative filmmaker with extensive experience in TV and social media, I have a proven track record of creating engaging and high-quality content for a wide range of audiences.


 Motion Graphics Design and Animation

  • Coordinated video department that produces custom videos for clients that required the creation of internal and external promotional pieces

  • Handle the videography and filming of all customer projects and the editing of raw footage to produce a completed video product to meet their specifications

  • Organize all aspects of the video production from storyboard, shot-list, production checklist, and cast selection

  • Produce and design sound effects that are infused into the voice scripts using live studio session with voice talent and sound files

  • Recognized for meeting 100% of customer production deadlines and assisted the sales department with the creation and delivery of many urgent production projects

  • Excelled in this high pressure environment while working with many other team members to create a high quality final cut


 Proof of concept

Green screen keys

Post production

30 Second spot


PBR TV spot

Making of

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