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I worked with Ryan for about 2+ years until a few months ago. Ryan was a principal and our Creative Director, although he really was responsible for everything creative. He had a small staff that would expand through contracting whenever our project load was too heavy.  Ryan was the creative energy and genius essentially behind our company. It was his vision and creativity that enabled our market differentiation with our clients. If you take the time to look at his full-motion and UI work, you will understand this. Ryan has always been super easy to work with. He partners well internally and especially with customer. You have to remember we worked with major sports within FIFA World Cup, The Super Bowl, NFL, MLB, NBA,  NHL, MILB, NCAA, the Olympics and top gaming companies. We had very high-profile hard to please clients and demanding.


Ryan partnered with the development team to translate his vision and design into incredible market disruptive solutions. Ryan ensured a constant line of communication was open for iterative delivery of prototypes along the way. He ensured there were no surprises and was very good at managing expectations and course changes along the way. We were charting new ground in the industry with interactive user involvement.


Ryan didn’t look at work as a job, it was his life- it was and is who he is. I think his original background as an artist gave him an astute awareness of the importance of the quality of his production. If it has his name on it, it will be spectacular.  Ryan is an extremely patient and nice guy. He mentors well, even those who didn’t not work directly for him. At times, he can be nice to a fault and might not push back enough when he should – but is hasn’t ever affected our deliverables. But that is Ryan, just a great guy. Anyone that gets Ryan is very fortunate. I haven’t worked with anyone like him. I hope we can always stay in touch.

Aaron Cohn / Executive VP - Xcite


Ryan hired me in 2016 and managed me for four years, along with another two designers. I reported to Ryan. He was a  partner in Xcite and the Creative Director. He did hands-on project work the majority of the time. He taught me UI design, full motion graphic design and was my mentor. We completed 25 or more projects together. Ryan managed our staff of three, but also, depending on the project(s), he brought on as many as six contractors at times to help out when needed. Ryan handled all the client interactions as well. He is an amazingly talented designer, and as well, a tremendous people person.  He is, I think the nicest guy and most giving guy I have met.

We worked some long and hard hours at times, but Ryan made it fun. He is always happy and always thinks the best of people. Ryan’s a born collaborator. He gets people involved, makes them feel like they are #1 and knows how to get the most out of people.


Ryan is a born creative genius. He thinks differently and sees things differently than other people. I think that is because he is an amazing artist. His art portfolio is tremendously impressive. 


I think Ryan’s passions are in creating, not managing, but he is great at both. There were times when we had at least (if not more) six projects going simultaneously. Ryan doesn’t stress. He prioritizes and always knows where/when to spend the time to keep the projects moving and the clients happy. He is a great communicator, so that helps eliminate surprises…what else? I think that is all. I hope to work for/with Ryan again. He’s the best!

Jacob Ollen / Motion Graphics Designer


Ryan has been a godsend, he is a very talented creative artist as the stylus seems to be an extension of his hand and fingers. Ryan's very creative solutions to the difficult ideas the Director comes up with seem like it is just second nature for him and it's uncanny as the results are spot on. He makes the most difficult effect easily obtainable, interesting, and exciting.

Karl Deitch / Post Production and Technology Supervisor


All I really want to say is a seriously huge THANK YOU! Thank you for all of the hard work, extra hours, constant acceptance of changes and all round approach to everything related to this project.


I am under no illusions that the project didn’t have its challenges, but we tackled this together and sitting there last night seeing our content roll-out was an extremely proud moment. Last year we had 12 weeks to turn the assets around and this year, with the same scope of work, we only had 6 weeks! All I really want to say is a seriously huge THANK YOU! Thank you for all of the hard work, extra hours, constant acceptance of changes and all round approach to everything related to this project. Combine this with the fact that there were a number of significant changes in the past week and it was certainly a sprint to the finish line. The assets looked fantastic last night and some of the comments I heard sitting in the production room were extremely positive. 


A huge thanks Ryan… you were a bloody champion mate and we certainly couldn’t have got there without you.

Alex Fraser / TLA Worldwide - Australia

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